About MediaWorm

If you’re like me, you spend hours every morning browsing through hundreds of posts on your RSS feed, hoping to stumble across relevant news stories. is a place where movie buffs and tv fanatics come together and post articles and news on latest developments in the movie/tv space or show their work to the rest of the community. Something quiet similar to Designer News, but mainly focused on movies and tv shows.

* A mission to bring the underground to the surface *

I search through hundreds of posts on blogs, social media, and other entertainment news channels, to deliver the most essential stories of the day. The content covers quality news, videos and more. Other users are also encouraged to sign-up and post articles of their own, creating a community of like-minded individuals who share a common passion, watching movies and TV shows.

If you heard Shia Labeouf is going to be in the next Transformers, share it here. Someone would be dying to know what's going on with him .

Who’s behind MediaWorm?

Perceived with bringing everyone together in a single place to share all articles from various sources, MediaWorm is designed and developed solely by one person, Jeiman Jeya who is a movie/tv buff himself.

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One way to reach me, would either be email: or Twitter.

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